We live in zone 6a and I have been gardening and cooking for years. This blog is an opportunity for me to share with you my success and those failures that come about on occasion. Plus, I want to hear from all the gardeners and bakers and cooks out there and learn from you. Feel free to share your ideas.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Update From The Garden

Drying the music garlic which is so much better than store bought.

Carrots to be roasted for dinner tonight.


  1. Someone gave me a Music bulb last year. It had seven cloves, I got six nice bulbs from that just last week. I am going to plant the bulbils too, to try to get a fair amount in two years.

  2. I tried growing garlic last season withouts success. No doubt I grew the wrong variety for the hot summer of Florida. I have made note to look into this variety.

    There is nothing like fresh veggies from the garden.


  3. For some reason the garlic I grew was very easy. No insects and the bulbs look magnificent and taste wonderful. This was the first time I had ever grown it and it was one of the easiest vegetables I have ever grown.