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Monday, January 30, 2012

Primrose Means Spring is Getting Closer

I went to AJ Rahn to purchase fertilizer for the Meyer Lemon. It requires a higher nitrogen fertilizer and I knew Rahn would have it. Rahn is a greenhouse that has been around for over 100 years and is still family run and has employees who can actually answer questions properly. The big box stores just can't do that for gardeners. Plus AJ Rahn has lots of pets--birds in cages, cats, dogs and chickens. Now how fun is that in the Winter. Here is the thing about Rahn's--they actually produce the majority of the plants they sell. My poinsettia is still red and growing from the holidays. In the Spring ,you better show up early because the place is packed and you have at least 4 huge greenhouses  to wander through. One is filled with just geraniums, including the older types you can't find in many places.

Here is the other thing about Rahn, I can never leave without a plant. They had a large table of primroses and I left with a cute yellow one. This means Spring is around the corner.

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