We live in zone 6a and I have been gardening and cooking for years. This blog is an opportunity for me to share with you my success and those failures that come about on occasion. Plus, I want to hear from all the gardeners and bakers and cooks out there and learn from you. Feel free to share your ideas.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tuesdays With Dorie: Baking With Julia- Blueberry Crostata

Although this was to be a raspberry and fig crostata, I decided to create a blueberry filling instead for this months TWDBWJ. The crust was cookie like and needed to be rolled out on parchment paper and peeled from the paper. A tad of a fussy crust. For all the fuss, I did not think the crust was that great. Way to overpowering. Would I make this again? Most likely not. I prefer a very good pie crust


Friday, August 9, 2013

Garlic Questions

I planted garlic for the first time and had a wonderful crop of Music garlic. It is a hardneck  and I would like suggestions for other hardneck garlics I should consider growing in Southern Ohio. Thanks as always for your words of wisdom.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Random Pics From The Garden

I thought you would enjoy pictures of the harvest and what I am currently growing for fall.

Lots of garlic and tomatoes have been harvested.

I should have a bumper crop of eggplant.

These beans were planted a couple of weeks ago and are my third crop.


Basil and this is the second crop.

Lemon on my Meyer lemon tree. I will probably only get 2 lemons this winter. Last year I harvested 11.

 Cucumber are just coming in.

 The third planting of basil. I plan to freeze lots of pesto.

I just planted chard, kale, a second crop of carrots, lettuce and radishes for fall.