We live in zone 6a and I have been gardening and cooking for years. This blog is an opportunity for me to share with you my success and those failures that come about on occasion. Plus, I want to hear from all the gardeners and bakers and cooks out there and learn from you. Feel free to share your ideas.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Gardening Update

Well I have my tomatoes waiting more patiently than I am. They need to go into the ground, but the weather has been unseasonably cool. We do not have frost, but tomatoes need to have soil temps at least at 55, and we are at best close to 50. Hopefully by the end of next week I can plant them along with the eggplant.

Monday, May 8, 2017

King Arthur May Baking Challenge -Berry Blitz Torte

Yep it is time again for the monthly Baking Challenge from King Arthur. Although this torte may look difficult, it really is not. I made the filling yesterday and refrigerated it, along with the strawberries, Today I baked the cake. I had never seen a cake batter topped with a meringue batter before. It certainly looks delicious. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

If you are interested in the recipe go to King Arthur Flour by clicking here.

Any type of berry could be used for the filling. Also I did not use the whipped cream that was an optional suggestion to fold into the filling. I cannot imagine adding it, because the filling already tastes like vanilla pudding. Adding whipped cream in my opinion would be too much. The cake is a vanilla base with meringue baked on top of it. Almonds were also added  prior to baking.