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Monday, August 27, 2012

My First Charentais Melon

I just brought in my first Charentais melon and it is wonderful, plus it has a terrific fragrance. I bought my seeds from Baker Creek.


  1. very nice! it looks very ripe and juicy.

  2. Wow, I've never had that. It looks like a cantaloupe? Does it taste like that? I am trying to decide what melons to plant next Spring and now I'm intrigued because I love the taste of a good cantaloupe!

    1. Here is what the specialty produce website says about these melons and I concur--they are delicious and taste like a sweeter version of the typical cantalope. (They are hard to find in stores because they do not ship well, so they are worth growing.)

      Charentais melons are available during the summer months. Mexico exports Charentais melons during the winter months.

      Current Facts
      Charentais melons, AKA French cantaloupe are a highly valued yet low production farmers market variety of cantaloupe that are often not suitable for shipping.

      The Charentais is a petite-sized melon with a smooth, hard, pistachio-grey colored skin and distinct green ribbing. Its flesh is deep orange, dense, smooth and sweet similar to that of a Cantaloupe. When ripe it is highly fragrant with tropical fruit and floral notes. Its delicious flavor and powerful aroma must be appreciated at its height of maturity as it has a delicate and short shelf-life.