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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Purchased New Food Processor

I headed over to Costco the other night for an 11cup Cuisanart Pro Food Processor.  The price could not be beat by anyone. $119. It felt like Black Friday.  I just viewed the DVD that was provided and it was more helpful than I expected. So it is time to make more pesto.

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  1. I hope you have better luck with yours than I had with mine. I got mine at Costco on Black Friday, and last month the work bowl broke on one side, where it locks down to the base. All I was doing at the time was grating cheese! I read some of the reviews on Amazon, and it seems it's quite a common problem and customer service is not very good about it. New work bowls are $40 plus shipping. To replace one under warranty, they had to pay $10 shipping for a new one, then many times the wrong one was sent and had to be sent back and another one shipped at the consumer's expense! I decided to just bite the bullet, put mine out in the garage, and bought a Ninja Pulse for $70.