We live in zone 6a and I have been gardening and cooking for years. This blog is an opportunity for me to share with you my success and those failures that come about on occasion. Plus, I want to hear from all the gardeners and bakers and cooks out there and learn from you. Feel free to share your ideas.

Monday, October 8, 2012

A First- Basil

I have had a couple of cuttings of basil sitting in water for about 3 weeks in the kitchen. This evening it dawned on me that it has been staying green and so I pulled it out of the water. To my surprise, it has roots. This is a first and let's see how long this keeps up. Amazing.


  1. Good for you. I have tryed that many times with no luck!

  2. Wow, you rooted basil? How cool is that???

  3. You should be able to keep it growing in the water indefinitely; change the water once a week, keep the yuck out of it from leaves that fall in the water and give it a little organic, liquid fertilizer now and then. I do this often and also plant it out in the garden in the warmer months. We can grow basil in So. Ca outdoor, up until late November and December. Keep the seed heads cut off too, as that will make your basil leaves bitter. Pasta, pine nuts, tomatoes and basil will not be far off!