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Sunday, April 8, 2012

My First Run In With A Wolf Spider

I came across a very unusual spider who was hidden in the row cover in my raised bed.. I had to look it up and discovered it was a wolf spider. It is supposed to be a fast runner, but this one seemed rather sluggish. However, it was easily 2 inches long.

Wolf Spiders

These hunting spiders are fast runners that will chase their prey. Wolf spiders are hairy and often large, up to 1-3/8 inches long, sometimes confused with tarantulas. Their legs are long and spiny. Many are dark brown.
Wolf spiders may hunt day and night. They usually occur outdoors, but may wander indoors in search of prey. They tend to stay at or near floor level. They typically construct web retreats in sheltered sites.
Females carry their large, globular egg sac attached to spinnerets under the abdomen. Upon hatching, the spiderlings climb onto their mother's back and stay there several days or more before dispersing.
Wolf spiders frequently alarm homeowners because of their large size and rapid movements. Wolf spiders are not aggressive, but may bite if handled.

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  1. Yuckers. We have lots of them in my yard and they scare me to death. But my experience has always been like yours, they pretend they don't see me. :) My husband is fantastic for relocating them away from the patio umbrella during dinner, or the kitchen floor at 2:00 am.