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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Onion Seeds Started Indoors and the Hoop House

I wasn't planning on starting onion seeds inside to be transplanted, but I was convinced to give it a try. So they are now sitting in the south window getting started.

I was also at Lowes today looking at what is needed for a hoop house.  I was able to track down the 1/2 inch PVC piping and the electrical clip things  that you put the PVC pipes through. I just can't imagine how you can bend the PVC into a hoop. I know everybody does it, but what Lowes had did not seem that flexible or maybe I am just not as strong as the rest of you gardeners.

Next week we are taking a class at Gorman Heritage Farms on four season gardening. Thus the interest in the hoop house. Thank goodness for the internet, because there are some great diy videos that are extremely helpful. Plus the hoop house at the Growing Traditions blog is amazing.

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