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Friday, March 16, 2012

Macro Lens For my Canon Rebel- I Could Not Resist

I had to go back to the camera store today because the battery charger for my camera was inadvertently left out of the box when I bought the Canon Rebel. What happened next was good luck. I spotted  a sign indicating that there were 5 lenses on sale that they wanted to clear from last year's inventory. And one was a macro that I had been wanting for this camera. However, macro lenses are not cheap, especially if you are looking at the 60 mm 1:1 and on up. Well there it was right in front of me. A 60 mm Macro for half price. I tried it out hoping that I would say this macro is not that great. That did not work. Instead I said to myself, this really is great--drats.

I plopped down my American in Distress card and said --I will take it.

I intend to stay out of this camera store for a long time. It is dangerous.

Here is my practice session.

Close-up taken without a macro

Taken with the macro

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