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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Fall Planting and Daylillies

I planted basil last week and it is coming up. I just cleaned out half of a bed and planted more bush beans. My second planting of bush beans from a few weeks ago are about 10 inches high and they look great. While I was at it I planted the last of the basil seeds that I had. Next week I plan to sow swiss chard since I have space for that now.

I also have a small melon and I hope my melon crop will be successful. We will see.

This morning I trimmed back all of our daylillies practically down to the ground. By the time I was finished, the huge garbage container was filled to the brim. It is worth doing this, because  it will help these plants bloom again in the fall. Besides it was a great work out. It took me over an hour to complete this project.

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