We live in zone 6a and I have been gardening and cooking for years. This blog is an opportunity for me to share with you my success and those failures that come about on occasion. Plus, I want to hear from all the gardeners and bakers and cooks out there and learn from you. Feel free to share your ideas.

Friday, May 11, 2012

More Seed Packets Than I Realized

This weekend will be my next round of planting, and it will be only seeds. When I started to go through my seed box to pull the packets, I  had more packets than expected--eleven. My challenge is that every time I would pass a display of seeds, I had trouble resisting making a purchase. All and all, it is not the worse habit to have, but  I hope I can fit all of this in because I don't have that much space left. Eight of the packets are flower seeds and I suppose I can just cram them in the corner of the garden and see what happens.

Of course I need to put the sunflower seeds in the center of this space, because I have found that is the best way to keep the critter(s) for the day away from them.


  1. or you can keep them for next year ;)

  2. I love direct sowing. Something about the magic of stciking it in the dirt and seeing them "pop" a few days later. My beans just popped this week. Yeah Me!

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  4. My beans just came up too Tami. It is so amazing if we think about how this truly happens.