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Friday, May 4, 2012

My Adventure in Lowes

I went into Lowes to find cotton netting for my trellis. I did not want to make it this year and I swore that I had seen this netting at Lowes. What should have been a 10 minutes purchase, turned into an adventure. The first person I asked went online to find it--nope. Believe me he really searched with many search terms. The next person directed me to the outdoor garden center--nope not there. However, I ran into a true gardener who worked there who also tried to help and said--I bet you want this for your cucumbers. I told him--yep and I thought wow he must be a mind reader. He then said why don't you look around the lumber area and they might have a make shift trellis. Good idea because I told him I did not want to spend $20 on the lovely trellis they had in the garden center. Well the nice sales person in lumber  tried to help and what they had really was not exactly what I was after. I thought dang. I did so much walking in there, I swear I got  my exercise for the day.

I then went back to the garden department and there it was. I could take a tomato tower apart and make it into a flat trellis. Perfect and the price was right. I then went to pay for this and the line in the garden center was super long and there was only one person at the cash register. So I went inside and then  ran smack into my trellis netting that I was looking for. I probably had been wandering around for 45 minutes and at times I was distracted by other items in the store. They do have interesting things. I was intrigued by the metal pint and gallon paint cans. I could do something creative with these cans.OK back on topic--- Let me just say that I purchased 2 Burpee cotton net packs. They are 5 feet by 15 Feet. I knew they had them--somewhere. I also purchased the tomato tower and got the heck out of there, since I had gotten in my work out..

Actually if I didn't like hardware type stores and just exploring those, I probably would have left promptly.

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