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Friday, May 4, 2012

Spring Clean Up and Corn Gluten Meal Podcast--The Garden Professor

A great scientific podcast on gardening from Washington State University called the Garden Professor. Click here if you want to listen. This is the first of the season and Linda Chalker-Scott discusses spring cleanup and why corn gluten meal  ( weed preventer) does not work in all areas of the US.

I use corn gluten meal to keep weeds down and so far have had success with it, but it needs to be put down every 30 days.

Plus this podcast from Washington State is very interesting.This episode is called  "Real Turkeys" and what are some of the least favorite garden products and why they're on the  "turkey" list, including weed fabric, which I used in the early days of gardening and will never use again. It is a royal pain over time. I still have a pile in the garden that I rolled up and it is the last batch that needs to go in the trash, but it is so heavy I will need my husband to help me with the heave hoe. .

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